Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth whitening is known to causes of tooth sensitivity. Many dental problems create causes of tooth sensitivity. The problems are:

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Abrasive Brushing

This type of brushing will disclose dentin by carrying down the tooth’s enamel. Abrasive brushing also causes the gums to decrease therefore disclosing almost all tooth’s dentin. The comfortable and well-damaged dentin explains the tooth’s sensitivity.

Tooth decay close to the gum line

It will appear once there is a formation of the bacteria within the mouth. Tooth decay produces acid that slowly grubs away at the tooth. If not handled well, it will end in tooth sensitivity and ultimately a cavity.

The Recession of the gums

The recession of the gums creates in the disclosure of the tooth’s roots. It is generally led by abrasive brushing and periodontal disease.

Gingivitis (Gum Disease)

Gingivitis is the infection of gum tissue created by sensitivity caused by the failure of supporting screws. So, it exposed the root outward and leads straight to the tooth nerve.

Chipped or broken teeth

These types of teeth fill with bacteria from plaque and arrive in the pulp of the tooth. So, it is causing infection due to the damaged tooth enamel.

Grinding or clenching of teeth

It conjointly subsumes the enamel disclosing the dentin. It is also allowing infection and decay even as a chipped or a broken tooth will.

Long-term uses of mouthwashes

It consists of acid square measure famed to worsen tooth sensitivity once dentin is disclosed. Dentin is just disclosed once the tooth’s enamel is broken. Dentin is present to defend the tooth from extreme hotness, substances, and agony. These acids found in some mouthwashes will more damage the dentin layer of the tooth.

Acidic foods

These acidic foods absorbed daily like citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, and tea, will cause enamel decrease.

If you are doubtable you undergo from any of the above, you may have understanding tooth sensitivity during teeth whitening. You should go to your dentist before victimisation reception teeth whitening product.

So, Stay Safe When Whitening Your Teeth.