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Do you want whiter teeth without having to sacrifice the foods and drinks (coffee, tea, wine, cold drinks etc) that you love? Let’s face it! Not everyone is born with naturally white teeth and a Hollywood smile. As you age, your teeth not only start to appear yellower, but they also become more susceptible to the coffee, wine and other coloured food and drinks you consume. Some Adelaide dentists or hygienists may urge you to minimise your intake of coffee, tea, cold drinks, wine, chocolate and pasta sauces to prevent discolouration of your teeth. But why should you sacrifice your favourite foods and drinks when there is a quick, affordable and value-for-money teeth whitening solution available, right here in Adelaide?

21st Century Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening Adelaide centres use the latest whitening technology and formulas; every formula used consists of either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are the only two ingredients that are proven to whiten your teeth. Don’t be fooled by cheaper teeth whitening alternatives or non-peroxide formulas; these brands will tell you that their products are safer, but the fact is that peroxide-containing teeth whitening formulas are completely safe for you if they are applied by qualified Adelaide dentists. The non-peroxide teeth whitening formulas are of a lesser strength. This means that their whitening effect won’t be as profound or lasting as the professional teeth whitening formulas.

teeth whitening adelaide

Compared to over the counter teeth whitening gels or packages you buy online, in-house treatment saves you plenty of time and provides better results. You don’t have to:

Why the Domestic Teeth Whitening Formulas in Adelaide Do not Work?

  • Greater Restrictions – most at-home teeth whitening formulas require you to abstain from taking dark-coloured foods for up to 10 days post-application to prevent re-staining of your teeth. However, in the case in-house, professional teeth whitening formulas in Adelaide, you just need to avoid dark coloured foods and drinks for just 48 hours. After that, no restrictions! you can enjoy all your favourite foods, without having to worry about getting your teeth stained.
  • Gel Distribution – no matter how much Adelaide teeth whitening product manufacturers claim that their products are easy to use and apply, you will always find it difficult to ensure the application of equal quantities of the gel on all your teeth. As a result, you will end up having a different shade for each tooth! This problem won’t arise if you go for an in-house tooth whitening procedure powered by the TWG whitening Adelaide.
  • Accidental Bleaching of Soft Tissues – while using the domestic teeth whitening formulas, it is quite possible that you may accidentally apply some of the bleaching agents on your gums or soft tissues. This will not only cause irritation but can also result in the bleaching of your gums, causing them to appear white. In the case of the TWG whitening Adelaide, our dentists will apply a protective coating over your gums and cheeks to prevent them from accidental bleaching and irritation.

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Quick and Easy

Every teeth whitening centre in Adelaide claims to offer a quick, safe and comfortable teeth whitening experience. However, they would still ask you to visit multiple times for the whitening procedures, where each sitting would last for more than 60+ minutes. This is both time-consuming and expensive for the patients, who must take time out of their busy schedules to come for multiple teeth whitening appointments.

Thanks to the TWG teeth whitening Adelaide, the days where a tooth whitening sitting would last for more than 60 minutes are long gone! We understand the value of your time and money, and we believe that the teeth whitening process needs to be simple and convenient – which is why all our whitening treatments only require a one-off attendance of between 30-60 minutes. We guarantee you that the results of our single-sitting teeth whitening will be much better than the conventional in-house whitening protocols.

How TWG Adelaide Whitens your Teeth?

Our teeth whitening procedure is very simple and straightforward. First, we will apply a protective layer of Vaseline or cocoa butter on your gums and cheeks. Next, we will apply the whitening gel evenly on all your teeth. Afterwards, our dentists Adelaide will use an LED light to accelerate the bleaching effect of the whitening formula. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the first whitening phase will be completed, and we will ask you to rinse your mouth.

Once you’re again comfortable, our Adelaide dentsits will repeat this whole procedure again two more times to provide a maximum whitening effect on your teeth. With the completion of each phase, you will observe a remarkable improvement in the shade and colour of teeth. Once we’re done with your teeth whitening treatment, you will be a happy owner of a brand-new smile!

Not sure if this treatment is right for you? – call us and find out. We don’t charge for advice. A beautiful and charming smile is just one step away from you. Visit us today in Adelaide and drive away with the smile of your dreams!

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