Stay Safe When Whitening Your Teeth

Did you know Your Smile Can Make or Break a First Impression?

Your eyes maybe the window to your soul, but it’s a PERFECT Smile that Can Captivate Hearts

Don’t Let Your Stained Teeth Stand in the way of your CONFIDENCE!

You don’t have to be a Hollywood actor to wish for perfectly white teeth, whether you got a job interview, or have a date coming up, how you wished to have that perfect smile with perfectly whitened teeth to BOOST your confidence?

As we all know it’s a Digital Age, where making GREAT first impression matters A LOT.

And with a WINNING SMILE, you’ve already WON half the battle.

Perfectly whitened teeth can indeed give you back your confidence and do wonders for your first impression.

Even before you open your mouth to speak, your teeth are revealed by your smile.

Perfectly whitened teeth give you a reason to smile more often and add confidence to your personality.

Stay Safe When Whitening Your Teeth, Invest in Professional Services ONLY!

Proper consultation with a specialist is necessary when it comes to getting your teeth white.

Many people opt for DIY kits, afterglow-in-your-mouth UV accessories, ready to use kits marketed and readily available on the shelves of your local grocery stores, there have never been more options readily available to you when it comes to whitening your teeth. But ask yourself, are these cheap, 14 to 15 minute treatments at home without proper consultation the right choice for you?

People happily spend on teeth whitening products lured by the attractive marketing Campaigns

The teeth whitening being a multi-billion dollar industry, with people happily spending USD$3billion+ only with over a quarter of surveyed people in the US, UK, Australia and Canada planning to undergo cosmetic dental work treatment – with whitening being at the top of their list.

Some DIY kits may leave your teeth feeling sensitive and weaker

However, one needs to be vigilant when it comes to using DIY kits at home, numerous studies and dental professionals have found that, “At-home teeth whitening kits,” can’t only damage your teeth but leave them feeling more sensitive and even weaker.

Some Whitening kits may contain abrasive or dangerous chemicals

With some whitening kits not containing enough hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (the active ingredients in actually making your teeth whiter), they may contain chemicals that can be abrasive or even dangerous to your tooth and enamel.

Chemical burning is another serious threat witnessed by the use of take home kits

Most take home kits feature trays that don’t fit the size of your teeth, causing the gel to drip and irritate your gums. On the other hand some recent investigations have also found that, every 1 in 10 people ends up with white spots on their gums after every teeth whitening session -an indication that they have fallen victim to chemical burning.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is The Best Solution

Hence we highly recommend you to seek professional teeth whitening services with proper consultation by a dentist in order to get the right treatment.

The most effective treatment is done in a clinic where a trained professional can thoroughly examine your teeth’s condition; decide on a course of treatment and then carry out the supervised treatment; and also monitor the results once the treatment is carried out.

The whole process takes around 30 to 60 minutes time approximately, the DIY treatment may sound quick, easy and hassle free but it may harm your teeth in the long run. So, instead of brightened teeth, you may end up with unattractive, stained teeth.

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