Affordable Teeth Whitening in Adelaide

Want whiter teeth without having to sacrifice the foods and drinks ( coffee, tea, wine, cold drinks etc ) that you love? Not everyone is born with naturally white teeth. As you age, your teeth become more susceptible to the coffee, wine and other coloured food and drink you consume. While some dentists and technicians will urge you to minimise your intake of coffee, tea, cold drinks, wine, chocolate and pasta sauces, why sacrifice the foods and drinks you love when there is a quick, affordable and value for money teeth whitening solution.

21st Century Teeth Whitening

Our Adelaide centres use the latest whitening technology and formulas; every formula used consists of either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are the only two ingredients that are proven to whiten your teeth. Don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives or non-peroxide formulas; they are of lesser strength, meaning the results will not be as good nor will the whitening last as long.

teeth whitening adelaide

Compared to over the counter teeth whitening gels or packages you buy online, in-house treatment saves you plenty of time and provides better results. You don’t have to:

  • Avoid dark coloured foods and drinks for up to 10 days compared with 48 hours after your in house treatment
  • Worry about getting even gel distribution
  • Accidentally rub the gel on your gums and cause irritation

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Quick and Easy

Every teeth whitening centre in Adelaide is designed to make the experience quick and easy. Gone are the days of multiple 60+ minute dental treatments. The teeth whitening process needs to be simple and convenient -which is why all of our treatments only require a one-off attendance of between 30-60 minutes. Not sure if this treatment is right for you – call us and find out. We don’t charge for advice.

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