A Broad Outlook On Teeth Whitening Products

White TeethWhatever may be the type of your features, you can highlight it to the maximum by easy and simple procedure of teeth whitening. One hour is enough for converting a dull yellowish smile into a brightening and sparkling white smile. Whitening of teeth is described as dental bleaching in medical terms. It involves removal of yellow dint from your teeth to restore the original color of the tooth. Your dentist will gently remove the dirt particles and plaque build-up from your tooth using dental instruments and other whitening kits.

The role of cosmetic dentists

Cosmetic dentists are professionally qualified people for doing official procedures for making the teeth white in color. Now there is growing demand for cosmetic dentist in the modern world. Many people are becoming aware of this procedure and rightly make use of their service, irrespective of the charges.

Why teeth become stained?

There are many reasons for discoloration of your teeth. The way you eat and the food items you eat play a major role in causing dirt and plaque on your teeth. Most of us are addicted to coffee and tea which are not good to your health as well as your teeth. In addition any sugary items like sweet, desserts, candies are absolutely harmful to your teeth and gums. These small particles get accumulated on the cavities of your teeth which give room for bacterial growth. This will cause bad smell on your teeth in addition to teeth discoloration. These foodstuffs are classified under artificial stains which stains your teeth making them yellow. Even you know about the harmful effects of such beverages you will not stop drinking it. Ultimately it damages your teeth making them dull and discolored. You can approach a reputed cosmetic dentist in your area to bring back the white teeth.

Who needs this treatment?

Best Teeth WhiteningOld people will lose natural white color in their teeth over time. Smoking, drinking alcohol and other beverages like coffee, tea and carbonated drinks will direct affect the color of the teeth. Even young people who are addicted to coffee or tea can have bad teeth and dull tinted and stained teeth due to this reason. People who are not following proper brushing techniques will have less attractive teeth with bad smell. Some believe that this can be due to genetic factor inherited by birth. You can consult your dentist about the various teeth whitening products available in the market.

Various techniques

Dentists make use of special whitening gel for quickly changing the color of your teeth. He will apply the gen gently on your teeth and will apply carefully controlled laser light for activating the gel. This will completely change the dull and stained look of your teeth to bright white color. The whole process is easy and simple and can be completed within an hour. Another interesting element about this technique you will not feel any pain or discomfort during this process unlike any other dental procedure. Within minutes your teeth becomes sparking white in color and you become more attractive with improved smile.


The primary benefit of whitening the teeth is you become more attractive. Definitely by having an attractive smile your self esteem increases. You become more confident and tend to achieve success both in life and at office. Unless you feel that you need to change the color of your teeth you will not go to the dentist. Hence this entire procedure is purely for cosmetic purpose for getting improved appearance.


The only disadvantage in this procedure is it makes your teeth more sensitive. All the yellowish particles and dirt would have protected your teeth from sensitivity so far. Once your dentist has removed them your teeth becomes more sensitive than before. You may also feel some irritation on the mouth and gums area after this procedure. But this will be only for few days since you are getting back to your habit of drinking coffee or tea.

Another factor to bear in mind this procedure will not remain forever keeping your teeth white always. You need to do regular visits with the dentist for frequent touch-ups. The best teeth whitening gels and products may last for up to 5 years on your teeth, provided you brush your teeth regularly and avoid taking sweetened drinks.

At home techniques

If you do not want to spend money from your pocket you can do the process of whitening the teeth on your own. You can buy whitening toothpaste from the market and use it regularly for getting positive results. Similarly you can try whitening strips and whitening pens and brushes for making the desired changes in the color of your teeth. You need not have to worry how to whiten teeth in the modern world since you can buy variety of products over the counter.

But remember one thing. The products you use at home may give only temporary results and nothing is equal to the cosmetic procedure done by an expert dentist. You will get the best result worth for the money invested.

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